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Scientists have created a diet to improve the psyche

The state of our psyche is directly dependent on what we eat. Favorite foods can enhance our mood, but in the long run they can cause serious mental health problems, scientists warn.

A carefully selected diet will help to avoid negative consequences. A certain diet can be a panacea for a number of mental illnesses. This conclusion was made by scientists from a number of countries, observing people of various age categories. Thus, Spanish researchers during a nine-year-long observation of fifteen thousand young people who became participants in the experiment found that those who prefer natural products (fish, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables) are three times less likely to suffer from depressive disorders than sweets lovers and cooked dishes.

A similar conclusion was reached by British researchers from the Mental Health Foundation, who found that about 65% of balanced and practically healthy people eat exclusively fresh foods. Nutritionists from Canada have developed a balanced diet of wholesome foods that helps maintain clarity of mind and discourages thinking disorders throughout life.

The use of natural juices, fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, including in the form of salads, establishes the necessary balance of vitamins, amino acids and complex carbohydrates in the body, thereby maintaining mental health. Such a diet is especially relevant in case of hyperactivity and can cope with depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder and greatly alleviates the condition of older people suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

In addition to eating fresh fruits, vegetables (especially legumes) and nuts, nutritionists recommend abandoning unhealthy foods and reducing the meat content in the diet. The greatest concern among specialists in healthy nutrition is red meat, which they recommend replacing rabbit meat, poultry and fish.

Such a diet, according to researchers, reduces the likelihood of developing diseases that adversely affect a person’s cognitive abilities by a third.

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