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Snacks and soda increase the risk of cancer

Recently, scientists have conducted studies to identify the relationship between diet and the appearance of cancer. Their results confirmed the link between the ingestion of industrially processed foods and the risk of developing cancer.

According to scientists, the most at risk are those people who eat foods that were subject to processing a high degree. This food is literally crammed with the shelves of most supermarkets, because the buyer seems very comfortable to eat the product right away or spend a couple of minutes on its minimal heat treatment and have ready-made food.

The negative impact of “fast food”

To make it clearer, we give the most common examples of such products, which are included in the list of everyday purchases of almost every one of us. These include: all kinds of pastries, cereals, chips and similar convenient snacks, all kinds of convenience foods that can be cooked in 5-10 minutes, bag soups and carbonated drinks. Such food is now very popular and convenient for most people who value their time or cannot afford to spend it on cooking at all.

At the same time, few people think about the fact that it contains an increased amount of sugar, salt and fat, having a critically small percentage of vitamins, trace elements and fiber. Even before that, several years ago, it was already proved that frequent use of such products increases the risk of becoming ill with obesity, hypertension and increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. But most consumers are not alarmed by this, and recent statistics tell us that in developed countries, where people can afford to eat 100% purchased food, the proportion of harmful products in a person's diet reaches 50%.

Details of the new study of the relationship of diet and oncology

A large-scale study was initiated and conducted by a joint team of scientists from Brazil and France. To identify the relationship between eating habits and human health, more than 100,000 men and women with an average age of 43 years were involved in the analysis at the beginning of the experiment. For the purity of testing, all of its participants were selected in such a way that in the beginning they were absolutely considered healthy. By the end of the five-year term, more than 2,000 people became ill with various forms of cancer. In subsequent statistical findings, scientists took into account not only food, but also some other factors, including age, heredity, bad habits and physical activity.

As a result, the basic facts of the study tell us that an increased frequency of eating ultra-processed foods can cause the formation and development of most cancers. Scientists especially secrete breast cancer. According to their calculations, if the proportion of ready-made food in the daily diet reaches at least 10%, then the risk of developing oncology increases by 12%.

The impact of specific products on the development of cancer

There is some good news: the results of the experiment show that the products of medium processing, which include canned vegetables, cheeses and freshly baked bread, do not affect the likelihood of cancer. In turn, fresh or minimally processed food (fruits, vegetables, legumes, rice, eggs, meat, fish, milk) reduces these indicators altogether.

Together with the need for further in-depth study of the problem, scientists are reminded that this work is the first of its kind. For the first time, such a large-scale, by the number of participants and time interval, activities were carried out aimed at studying the relationship between the increased consumption of ultra-processed foods and the risk of developing cancer.

In the further work of scientists, which should be continued with an increase in the intensity and size of funding, it remains to be understood which of the substances in industrially processed food have the most detrimental effect on the organism of the consumer.

However, now experts are asking to listen and not to ignore the results of their research. Therefore, everyone who cares about their long-term health, should adjust the percentage of harmful products in the diet, and it is better to completely abandon them. In addition, the experts intend to initiate changes at the legislative level, which in the future will impose marketing restrictions on products of a high degree of processing.

Modern necessity or unknowing harm

Products of a high degree of pre-treatment, many have called a tribute to the modern lifestyle. Most of the busy people in our time simply do not have time to engage in the preparation of a full meal at home. The main characteristics that are necessary for a person of the 21st century create a fast, ready-made, convenient and tasty food that can be consumed in a few minutes after purchase.

In order for such food to be tasty, they add a lot of salt, sugar and other spices. This allows you to develop an addictive person and initiate a re-purchase. In addition, the supermarket simply will not accept such a product if it cannot be stored long enough to be able to realize it even after a long period of time, rather than throwing it away. Therefore, such purchased food is rich in stabilizers and other additives necessary to increase the shelf life, but harmful and detrimental to the body.

The most dangerous component of processed foods are trans fats. They cause the main harm to health. Of course, more knowledgeable people can say that they are also present in meat and milk. But the important point is that the harm of trans fats in “fast” products is no longer discussed, unlike meat and dairy products.

The second hazard is sugar, which is a lot in the heat-treated products. Especially if identical substitutes were used instead, the pinch of which replaces large amounts of natural sugar. The highest indicators of such substitutes are contained in various carbonated drinks.

Unfortunately, it is worth noting that children are among the most active consumers of pretreatment products. Chips, snacks, frozen patties and pancakes - all they love and many parents do not deny them a dangerous treat. This inattention to the diet of young Russians affects the rising numbers of childhood obesity in the Russian Federation.

What do not eat oncologists

Probably the best way to get a person to do something useful or to stop doing something harmful is to show by example. Therefore, we would like to announce to you a list of products that are not only harmful, but will not be eaten by any highly qualified oncologist. After all, knowing what this can lead to, a person will even unconsciously refuse to buy them in supermarkets and other places of their distribution.

Hydrogenated oils

This is a component of food that has been pre-processed. They are processed into trans fats vegetable oils. It is already reliably known that oils cause various types of cancer. Therefore, no adequate oncologist will eat food that potentially contains a component with the function of “slow poison”.


In its composition, it has all the same trans fats that will increase your chances of getting cancer. In addition, many believe that during cooking in the microwave, the non-stick bag emits harmful substances that also pose a danger from an oncological point of view.

Processed and smoked meats and hot dogs

This product contains harmful nitrates, which are added to inhibit the growth of bacteria and enhance color. And in general, when processing meat, to enhance its various qualities add a lot of harmful substances that increase the risk of cancer. Too much salt and preservatives to preserve freshness make this product very harmful. Like processed meats, they contain dangerous sodium phosphate. More than 34 thousand people a year die from processed meat, to which sausages can be attributed.

White flour

Another harmful product that is produced during the processing of healthy wheat cereal with a gradual loss of all the necessary properties for the body and the acquisition of harmful.

Sweet Soda

The main harm of this product is associated with the use in its preparation of a sugar substitute called aspartame, which, with prolonged exposure to the human body, can cause brain cancer, leukemia and other types of cancer. In addition, even the use of soda without a sugar substitute is dangerous, because cancerous tumors feed on sugar, which is abundant in flavored drinks.

Canned and marinated products

The preservation process uses substances that also increase the risk of cancer. More and more new research suggests that these foods can provoke stomach cancer.

Potato Chips and French Fries

Strong carcinogen acrylamide is able to get into your body while eating chips. Surprisingly, in addition to them, it is contained in tar, cigarette smoke and adhesives.

As a result, it is possible to come to the conclusion that there are a lot of products that increase the chance of developing oncological complications, and it will be difficult for the modern person to abandon them. Therefore, the main fact should be the understanding that many convenient to prepare and use products to which we are so accustomed will be able to provide short-term satiety, but in the long run will only bring harm to health.

Our main recommendation will be independent control over what you eat and in what quantities. Even if you use the aforementioned harmful pretreatment products, it is worthwhile to do it several times less and try to ensure that their share in your daily diet does not exceed 5-10%, which will allow you to save yourself from health problems due to food.

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