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Leg fatigue

Frequent leg fatigue may indicate the occurrence of venous or arterial diseases. Even with a sedentary lifestyle, leg fatigue will appear in this case, since a deteriorated outflow of lymph and venous blood through the vascular system leads to congestion in the lower extremities. Sometimes leg fatigue occurs on the background of an absolutely normal state of health without any obvious reasons, which can speak about the pathologies of the blood vessels and veins in the body. That is why, with regular occurrence of leg fatigue, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor.

There are cases when tired feet cause shoes that are not the size or shape of the foot. There is a high likelihood of such a symptom in women who wear too high heels in everyday life for many hours in a row. Narrow shoes impede blood circulation in the feet, which is also manifested by tired legs. However, when wearing uncomfortable shoes, there is a high risk that, in addition to this symptom, soon others will begin to appear, indicating significant severe pathological processes.

You can relieve or reduce fatigue in the legs with exercise. Exercises are designed to improve blood flow, warm up the muscles of the legs after sitting down or calm down after long trips. Foot fatigue is also relieved with the help of baths or massage exercises. If, even after resting, the symptom of fatigue to the legs quickly returns again, it is necessary with the help of doctors to establish the cause of this condition, since this can signal serious pathological processes.

Causes of leg fatigue

Various venous pathologies most often lead to fatigue in the legs. Such pathologies should include varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, aortoarteritis, chronic venous insufficiency, embolism of lower limb arteries.

When varicose veins occur, the outflow of venous blood from the lower extremities is disturbed, stagnation begins, leading to the occurrence of unpleasant sensations. With thrombophlebitis, in addition to stagnation of blood in the legs, blood clots occur in the veins, affecting both small and large vessels. In this case, leg fatigue is always accompanied by pain and severe swelling. Atherosclerosis is a disease affecting the vascular system, during which cholesterol plaques appear in it. In this case, blood flow is disturbed due to the fact that the diameter of the lumen of the vessels is greatly reduced, which causes stagnation of blood.

Also, fatigue in the legs can occur in patients due to diabetes, flatfoot or high physical exertion. Professional athletes very often suffer from a similar symptom. If leg fatigue occurs periodically, it is necessary to consult with a specialist - phlebologist, who will identify the cause and determine methods for its elimination in order to avoid serious complications of the disease.

Leg fatigue treatment

For the treatment of various diseases associated with increased leg fatigue, the specialist often prescribe venous tone normalizing drugs. With the ineffectiveness of drug therapy in modern clinics, sclerotherapy, surgery and endovasal laser coagulation are performed.

Sclerotherapy refers to a non-invasive treatment technique aimed at eliminating those veins in the body that lead to leg fatigue. At the same time, a special sclerosing drug is introduced into the affected veins, which promotes the resorption of these veins. The maximum effect of the sclerotherapy technique becomes visible after 1-2 months from the start of treatment. Removing the affected veins, experts provoke a redistribution of blood flow along healthy highways. What eventually becomes a source of complete absence of tired legs.

During surgery, specialists completely invasively eliminate the affected vessels - veins and capillaries with their tributaries, after which the fatigue in the legs disappears. And with endovasal laser coagulation, varicose veins are removed using a laser. Endovasal coagulation is performed with stable scanning, so the affected vein is clearly visible and can be easily removed by laser puncture.

First aid for fatigue in the legs

If fatigue in the legs began to be felt, they should be allowed to rest. This should be done by giving the limbs the possibility of lymph drainage, that is, by taking up a position where the legs can be raised to a certain elevation. Instantly soothe tired limbs can be combined therapy from trays, massages and exercises.

Among the exercises, the "bike" is considered the most effective for leg fatigue. This exercise is recommended not only to eliminate the symptoms of fatigue, but also to prevent varicose veins. The patient lies on his back, raises his legs, straightens his arms along the torso, and begins to pedal as if for 2-3 minutes. After the "bicycle" it is recommended to make a bath for tired legs. The bath needs a contrast, so in one container you need to dial hot, and in the other cold water. Alternately, you want to immerse the legs for 10 seconds in one or the other container. It is necessary to finish the bath intake with cold water, the number of changes in the capacity is 20. After that, the legs are well rubbed with a towel and smeared with cream. It is important to remember that in case of problems with the kidneys such baths are prohibited.

After the bath you can do a massage. Circular movements are massaged, smeared with cream or oil for foot massage for 20 minutes. The direction of massage is from the heel to the toes and back. After the feet, the ankles are massaged, then the knees, and at the end of the procedure, massage of the toes is carried out and the legs are flexed.

It also effectively eliminates fatigue in the legs and barefoot walking. The nerve endings of the feet are thus better stimulated, and if you walk barefoot on a special massage mat, this will also help replace the massage session. Coarse pebbles, on which it is recommended to walk, have a similar effect. It is often sold at pet stores.

Sometimes, with severe leg fatigue due to varicose veins, experts recommend that patients wear compression garments and use special orthopedic pillows for night rest.

Folk remedies against leg fatigue

Among the most popular folk remedies that help fight fatigue in the legs, various herbal baths, baths with essential oils, compresses, tinctures, wiping predominate. These recipes should be used only after consultation with a specialist and then they can bring many benefits to eliminate severe fatigue in the legs.

Among the popular herbal baths should be allocated decoctions of wormwood, horsetail, succession or hypericum, chamomile and lime blossom, nettle and mint, calendula, wormwood and mountain ash, citrus peels. All of the above broths can be mixed in trays with sea salt and honey to enhance the effect. For baths with essential oils, take about 3-4 drops of the corresponding oil per bath, adding it to milk, sea salt or honey already diluted in water. A couple of ice cubes, 2 drops of mint oil, milk and a couple of drops of lemon juice dissolve in cool water. In warm water with a tablespoon of sea salt, 3 drops of lavender oil are dripped, which can be replaced with fir, lemon, juniper or cypress.

To relieve puffiness, and thus eliminate fatigue and heaviness in the legs, a cabbage leaf is placed on the leg as a compress. It is pre-rolled with a rolling pin to begin to stand out juice, then applied to the foot and wound with a bandage. The cabbage compress is removed after 30 minutes, after which a bath is made. For the same purpose, it is common to apply garlic tincture, which is prepared by chopping the head of garlic in a blender, followed by pouring the slurry into a glass of boiling water and infusing for 30 minutes. The mixture is applied on the feet, held for 20 minutes, washed off and after that a cooling bath is applied.

It is very effective to eliminate the feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the area of ​​the feet with ordinary rubbing with medical alcohol. It needs to be slightly cooled and rubbed in the feet for about 30 seconds. After rubbing the legs, you need a half-hour rest on a hill.

Timely treatment of foot fatigue will help to avoid a number of serious diseases. To do this, you can not neglect the signals from your own body and consult a doctor as soon as the symptoms appear in a short period of time 2 or more times.

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