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Microsclerotherapy belongs to the class of injection procedures aimed at the treatment of varicose veins of the reticular type. It is also used to remove spider veins.

The principle of the technique is based on the introduction of a special fluid called a sclerosant into a damaged vein. Immediately after entering the vessel, the composition starts the mechanism for gluing the walls. The problem areas are replaced by connective tissue, which allows to achieve an externally attractive result.

The only caveat here is the possibility of involving a method exclusively for treating the lower limbs and parts of the body that are located below the level of the heart. Experts believe that it is better to get rid of the vascular network on the face with more gentle approaches like laser exposure or treatment with intense pulsed light.

The reason for such a radical ban is that the skin of the face is more tender. It is sensitive to burns, which makes the presented procedure applicable exclusively for the treatment of reticular veins. If there are many telangiectasias on the legs, then microsclerotherapy will also effectively cope with them.

Classification of lesions

Teleangiectasias are called special types of lesions that are easily visible to the naked eye on the skin, due to its redness and specific pattern. Often they come in four forms: linear, reticulate, tree-like, arachnids.

Almost any part of the body can become their location. Telangiectasia is characterized by the expansion of capillaries and larger vessels located in different layers of the skin. Usually, foot placement refers to the venous knee of the capillary bed. Occasionally, exceptions in the form of arteriovenous lesions are possible.

But if the red lesions are often fixed above the line of the heart, then cyanotic deviations are usually found on the lower extremities. There are linear or tree-like groups of telangiectasia.

In women, the affected area usually represents a whole merged family of foci. At the same time, experts note two typical options for their localization. The first involves the inner surface of the thigh, where a linear type of disease occurs. With dilated vessels, pathological marks are located in parallel.

The second scenario involves a tree-like form, when the vessels are deployed around the circumference. Due to the nature of the location, the lesion often affects the outer surface of the thigh.

The physiological feature of the fairer sex adds complexity. They have varicose veins of the reticular type fixed in the popliteal zone. Accounting for the type and variations of stars helps to create a detailed and at the same time effective treatment program in the future.

Despite the fact that telangiectasia is a fairly common type of skin lesion, not all patients seek qualified treatment in this regard. Some victims generally perceive the disease as an exclusively cosmetic defect.

Schematically, such vascular defects can be divided into two camps:

  • congenital;
  • acquired.

But if a person has a hereditary format of pathology, this does not mean that the deviation will be localized in the same place where it is recorded in the carrier of the gene.

Disease provocateurs

Before prescribing the victim a course of microsclerotherapy, the doctor will necessarily conduct a thorough examination of the ward. In addition to the delivery of a number of standard tests, the expert will search for the source of the skin anomaly.

If we put aside the hereditary predisposition, then there are many factors that contribute to the development of telangiectasia throughout the body.

This is about:

  • concomitant chronic diseases;
  • injuries of varying severity;
  • long-term use of a number of drugs.

In the latter case, hormones are especially harmful to the body, which push the venous system to disrupt its usual mechanism of work. If you add to this the negative effects of direct sunlight, you get an almost perfect environment for the appearance of the net, stars and a more serious type of ailment - varicose veins.

Past infectious diseases, as well as a number of physical factors, can also adversely affect the overall clinical picture. But most of all, women suffer from vascular problems during pregnancy. Even if before they had never complained about the state of the circulatory system, in the first few months, the vessels dilate under the influence of estrogen.

In the most successful scenario, the problem resolves itself approximately six weeks after delivery. But such a happy outcome does not occur with all mothers, which encourages them to go to clinics for microslerotherapy. Oral contraceptives can add oil to the fire.

But do not assume that even single telangiectasias are an exclusively cosmetic defect. Usually this indicates the initial stage of varicose veins, which takes much longer to treat if you ignore small sections of the pathology first.

Against this background, it is difficult to clearly say how high the price for everything will turn out. There will need to first assess the current state of the patient, his features of the body, the severity of the disease.

Anxiety symptoms

The fact that a person needs microsclerotherapy will be evidenced by many facts. They must be recognized at an early stage to avoid serious consequences.

Common warning signs are:

  • reduced endurance in relation to static load;
  • trouble sleeping;
  • increased irritability.

The latter is manifested as symptoms of the initial stage of the chronic venous insufficiency. But since all of the above can indicate a number of other diseases, experts have developed an auxiliary list of dangerous signs of impending pathology.

They got there:

  • pronounced cosmetic defect;
  • burning in the legs;
  • feeling of heat;
  • "running goose bumps", which is called paresthesia;
  • soreness;
  • hematomas that arise without prerequisites for this, such as mechanical damage or external pressure;
  • external bleeding.

Usually complaints combine several symptoms at once. The reviews of women also revealed an interesting pattern: soreness became brighter during menstruation or shortly before it began.

In the initial phase of the development of pathology, dilated vessels rarely leave physical inconvenience, only spoiling the overall aesthetic picture. Because of this, patients are in no hurry to visit a phlebologist for further assignment for treatment.

Regardless of gender, the favorite places of "residence" of spider veins and other conditions for varicose veins are:

  • back of the thigh;
  • outer thigh;
  • ankle region;
  • feet;
  • popliteal zone.

Instead of looking for a method that allows you to neutralize the negative external manifestations of the ailment, doctors advise you first to find the reasons for their appearance. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve high effectiveness when using microsclerotherapy, protecting yourself from the likelihood of relapse. It will help to cope with the disease and high-quality rehabilitation, which provides for several significant prohibitions. So, it is better not to drink alcohol, so as not to disrupt the normal flow of blood by an artificial vasoconstrictor effect.

The essence of the technique

Microsclerotherapy is a capillary treatment format, saving the patient from spider veins, spider veins and spiders. The method is safe for humans, since the drugs used for its implementation have been pre-certified and thoroughly tested.

Unlike an alternative surgical route, a long recovery period is not required here. All makes up for compression clothing and following simple medical recommendations.

The effectiveness of the treatment was proved long ago, and if the patient did not receive the desired, then this is more likely due to the incompetence of the doctor. Some doctors are not able to correctly calculate the concentration of the treatment solution, or take too little milliliters as the basis. Therefore, it is so important to find a good specialist who will correctly calculate based on the thickness and area of ​​a particular vascular wall.

Another reason for the lack of the intended result is the introduction of sclerosant not using technology, which allows its contact with the skin. Despite the fact that this can be avoided when choosing a clinic with qualified medical staff, even they can not always guarantee the absence of:

  • bruises;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • skin manifestations.

These phenomena occur due to the individual characteristics of the patient's body. But to prevent the possible development of anaphylactic shock is much easier. For this, during the initial consultation, it is worthwhile to conduct an allergic test. If it turns out to be positive, then you have to look for an alternative approach.

Initially, only concentrated solution was used in the procedures. But today, developers offer doctors to use more gentle fluids. Their secret is the ability to react with the air, resulting in the formation of foam. The productivity of the method is identical to the traditional way.

As soon as the composition is administered, a burning sensation may be felt at the site of the needle puncture, but this is a perfectly normal response of the body. Hyperpigmentation of the skin becomes much more dangerous, which often occurs due to the fault of the patient himself. He is too in a hurry to remove compression underwear.

Although uneven skin staining may pass on its own over the next six months, this is not the best outcome for the intervention. A person will have to put up with a defect in his legs for quite some time.

Preparatory measures

Preparation for the intervention begins with checking the current state of health of the victim. Such vigilance allows you to detect possible latent contraindications. These include infection with both local and general types of infection.

Also, the procedure is not performed for pregnant women and women during lactation, during menstruation. When taking hormonal drugs, you must first consult with the doctor who prescribed them.

If the doctor approves the interruption of a previously approved therapeutic program, then microsclerotherapy will be allowed. But it is strictly forbidden to independently cancel previously prescribed drugs.

It will not be possible to take advantage of the manipulation if the victim is obese or has been diagnosed with abnormalities in the peripheral arteries.

Some of the contraindications can be called relative, which means the possibility of intervention in the prevalence of its benefits over possible harm. On this issue, it is better to consult with a specialist in advance.

Two days before the appointment, you will need to stop drinking alcohol and smoking. You also need to avoid hair removal on the problem area, or apply any lotions to the affected area of ​​the skin.

Before leaving the house should take a hygienic shower. To feel comfortable during the manipulation, it is worthwhile to prepare loose clothing in advance, or purchase disposable medical pajamas.

You can eat in the morning before visiting a doctor, but only loosely, and withstand an hour and a half interval.

After the therapy is successfully completed, another two months will have to give up visits to baths, saunas, hormonal contraceptives, and other similar drugs. He does not recommend hair removal, and for the first time for three days, you need to abandon increased physical activity.

But all of the above may be in vain actions, if not affect the source of the disease, removing only its external manifestations.

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