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Gamma-Tocopherol synthetic (E308)

Food supplement E308, the full name of which is synthetic gamma-tocopherol, is found in food as a food antioxidant. Its need for food is expressed in the fact that this substance is capable of significantly prolonging the shelf life, helping to prevent changes in the physical characteristics of food, such as color and smell.

In general, the production of gamma-tocopherol occurs through the processing of plant materials - soybean oil, wheat germ and cotton seeds. But also the substance can be distinguished by the splitting of genetically modified products.

Physical properties

Antioxidant gamma-tocopherol synthetic in its physicochemical characteristics is a viscous brown or yellow oil. In this case, despite the similar form of natural tocopherol, these two substances are completely different in their properties and application. Synthetic gamma-tocopherol can behave and manifest itself in different ways, depending on the volume of products in which it is contained and the temperature regime. For example, the pro-oxidative action of tocopherol can cause a significant increase in the temperature at which food is stored. In this case, the food has a specific, unacceptable taste for food.

The use of synthetic antioxidant E308 is possible in many countries, for example, in all countries of the European Union, Ukraine, Russia. Here it is allowed to add it to vegetable oils, animal fats, suitable for human consumption. E308 is used both independently and in combination with other tocopherols.

Areas of use

In addition to the manufacture of food-grade fats, this antioxidant of synthetic origin is used to prevent the oxidative processes of fat in the production of meat products, as a stabilizer for dairy mixes, and also as an emulsifier.

In addition, this substance is used in the composition of vitamin complexes based on ascorbic acid and as a solvent in carotene dyes.

It should be noted that the food antioxidant gamma-tocopherol will not necessarily be listed in the list of constituents of a particular product. It cannot also be called in the production of food products vitamin E or natural (natural) tocopherol.

In pharmacological preparations, the action of which is aimed at eliminating the cosmetic problems of the skin and improving the condition of the skin, synthetic antioxidant E308 helps to significantly improve the overall structure of the skin, rejuvenate it and make it radiant and healthy.

Useful qualities

Despite the fact that gamma-tocopherol has a synthetic nature of its origin, the harm to the human body from a substance in any quantity is zero. The advantage of such tocopherol is that it helps to ensure the regeneration necessary for the cells, supplying the internal organs experiencing a lack of oxygen with this substance. Synthetic vitamin E prevents the oxidation in the body of the obtained vitamin A and helps the substance to be better absorbed.

Among other things, gamma-tocopherol has a scientifically proven efficacy for people suffering from cancer tumors and all sorts of inflammatory processes.

Normally, this substance a person should consume in the amount of 2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. In such an amount, the antioxidant must be consumed in the composition of those foods in which it is included. This dietary supplement is completely safe for humans and hypoallergenic.

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