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Fatty acids (E570)

The essential components of a healthy diet and lifestyle, respectively, are fatty acids, which in the list of food additives are marked with E570. Such substances belong to synthetically derived products, but are generally recognized by the world community as safe and not causing any harm to the human body. Let's try to figure out how this is true.

Main characteristics of the food E570 stabilizer

Food additive E570 combines the properties of a stabilizer and an emulsifier. Other names include E570, open-chain carboxylic acids, Fatty acid, Stearic acid.

This substance is obtained by hydrolysis of vegetable oils and fats, as well as of animal origin, followed by purification.

Fatty acids are liquid and highly viscous substances that have a yellow color with reddish impurities. Often they appear in dry form, in the form of crystalline or scaly powder. This additive has a specific smell of pork fat, and tastes like vegetable oil.

The chemical formula of a substance can be represented as: C18H34O2.

When heated, it decomposes and forms glycerin, it is not soluble in water, but it is well soluble in alcohol solution, oily liquids and ethers.

Outdoors significantly darkens.

Fatty acids can be divided into saturated, unsaturated, polyunsaturated, replaceable and essential, lower, middle and higher. Essential fatty acids include those that cannot be synthesized independently in the human body.

This group of food additives include: oleic, palmitic, myristic and other acids. But the most significant of all is stearic acid.

Use of food stabilizer and emulsifier E570

In the food industry of various countries, this food additive is officially authorized. In such an industry, it is used as a defoamer, foam stabilizer and glaze. Most often they are used in confectionery, milkshakes and ice cream, whipped desserts.

As a glazing agent, it is used to extend the shelf life of products and improve their presentation. Apply such an additive for the production of sugar, yeast, various types of marmalade, alcohol and dairy products.

Apply this substance for glazing fruits, significantly improving their organoleptic properties and preventing drying.

Fatty acids are used in the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of candles and ointments, as well as used as components of dietary supplements.

Due to their anti-aging properties, they are in demand in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of anti-aging creams and other types of products such as shampoos, soaps, lotions.

The benefits and harm of food stabilizer and emulsifier

Fatty acids are extremely beneficial to the human body. Even despite its synthetic origin, E570 supplement is completely and very easily and quickly absorbed in the body.

Such substances play a huge role in the metabolic processes characteristic of the human body. Thanks to them, the formation of cells and tissues is greatly improved, useful vitamins and valuable mineral substances are better assimilated, the work of the heart muscle and the vascular system is normalized, and testosterone production is stabilized.

This dietary supplement significantly enhances the body's natural defense, boosts immunity, is a prophylactic agent in the fight against cancer and diabetes. It owes these properties to omega-9 oleic acid, which is part of it.

No matter how safe and harmless there is such a substance, an excess of fatty acids is fraught with unpleasant consequences for human health. This is what the abuse of the E570 dietary supplement can turn into:

  • severe headaches and migraines;
  • allergic reactions: skin rash, urticaria, itching;
  • indigestion and intestinal upset;
  • pain in the epigastric region.

This substance is authorized for use in all countries, including the Russian Federation, Ukraine and countries of the European Union.


Food supplement E570 is absolutely safe and harmless to the body. Its use in the food industry is allowed everywhere, thanks to its low dosages used for the manufacture of food. In addition, this substance has very beneficial properties and a beneficial effect on human health.

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