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Ryazhenka is a tasty and healthy sour-milk product known to everyone. It has long been prepared in Russia from a mixture of milk and cream, and the name comes from the word "yarn", which in those days meant "fry". That is, the cream with milk was simply “fried” in the oven until they became a beautiful cream color - the color of baked milk. By the way, they also called small pots in which this drink was served - sackcloths or sackcloths. Now on the shelves of shops you can find a variety of brands of products for every taste and color. And although now they are preparing fermented baked milk a little differently than in ancient Russia, useful and valuable qualities still remained with her. Ukraine is considered the homeland of the product, but drinks very similar in preparation are found in other countries. For example, in Georgia such a product is called yogurt, in Egypt it is called leben, in the Urals and Siberia it is called Varenets, and in Bulgaria and among the Turkic peoples it is called katyk.

Cooking secrets

Previously, a mixture of milk and cream was languished in large stone ovens, not boiling, until it acquired a light cream color. The thing is that sugar, which is contained in milk, reacts with proteins when heated and form antioxidants melanoidins. It is they who give the baked milk a characteristic cream color and a delicate caramel flavor. Then sour cream was added to this mixture for ripening and in the process a new product was obtained - fermented baked milk.

Currently, of course, instead of ovens, microwave ovens, electric or gas ovens, yogurt makers and slow cookers are used. Thermophilic lactic acid bacteria - streptococci and some types of Bulgarian coli - are often used as starter cultures. Fermentation usually occurs from 3 to 6 hours. At the end of the process, fermented baked milk acquires its creamy-caramel shade and characteristic fermented milk taste. In fact, it is one of the varieties of yogurt.

Chemical composition of the product

Ryazhenka is a very useful product, thanks to the valuable substances that make up its composition. Here is a wonderful vitamin composition:

  • vitamin A (33 mcg);
  • thiamine (0.02 mg);
  • riboflavin (0.13 mg);
  • vitamin C (0.3 mg);
  • tocopherol (0.1 mg);
  • Vitamin PP (0.8 mg).

And noteworthy mineral complex:

  • magnesium (14 mg);
  • potassium (146 mg);
  • calcium (124 mg);
  • phosphorus (92 mg);
  • sulfur (28 mg);
  • sodium (50 mg);
  • iron (0.1 mg).

It also contains cholesterol (11 mg) and saturated fatty acids (2.5 g).

Calorie ryazhenka varies, depending on its fat content. For example, a 4% product has an energy value of 67 kcal, and a 1% product has 40 kcal. The product contains digestible carbohydrates - 4.2 grams, fats - 4 grams and proteins - 2.8 grams.

The composition of the proteins contained in the drink includes essential amino acids necessary for the health and stable functioning of the body, the most important of which are methionine and lysine. And also in them are albumin, globulins and caseins, indispensable for life.

Useful properties of ryazhenka

This drink is an inexhaustible source of calcium and phosphorus. One drunk a glass of fermented baked milk per day charges the body about 25% of calcium and 20% of phosphorus from their daily requirement. In addition, fermented baked milk contains milk fat, with the help of which calcium is absorbed much faster. Its regular use allows you to significantly strengthen the teeth and nail plates, stabilize the immune system and increase the protective function of the body.

Lactic acid contained in the drink improves the digestive system, contributes to the proper functioning of the kidneys. Ryazhenka helps to remove dangerous toxins and toxins from the body. It helps to quickly and effectively eliminate the hangover syndrome and neutralize its toxic effects and in the shortest possible time to establish the body.

This miraculous drink on hot summer days is simply irreplaceable, because fermented baked milk quenches thirst remarkably. And if you add berries or fruits to it, you can get delicious products that will appeal to lovers of sweets and will be absolutely safe. Enzymes and lactic acid bacteria that are contained in the product contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora, positively affect digestion, accelerate the process of fat breakdown, which is very useful in diets.

This drink is especially useful for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Fermented baked milk contains the amount of calcium necessary for the formation of a healthy organism of children. Therefore, experts advise women who are expecting a baby to include it in their daily diet. As well as young children to improve appetite and increase immunity.

This product will also appeal to those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle or "diet". The fact is that fermented baked milk is not only not harmful, but even useful as food for the night. Due to its fat content and calorie content, one glass of ryazhenka, drunk before bedtime, will saturate the body and satisfy hunger. And enzymes and biologically active substances will improve the work of the stomach and have a positive effect on appetite. Therefore, an excellent breakfast is guaranteed in the morning. And the dishes eaten in the morning are absorbed faster than the evening ones. And the benefits of them are much greater.

Everything else, fermented baked milk is considered a natural antibiotic, due to its ability to fight intestinal infections. Doctors recommend it for hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver and gall bladder. This drink is also useful for overeating.

Application in cosmetology

Due to its magical properties, fermented baked milk is very successful in the cosmetology field. On its basis they take baths, make masks and scrubs. This product improves the complexion, makes the skin softer and fresher, is an excellent cleansing and firming agent. It has a calming effect. A bath with fermented baked milk helps to relieve the stress accumulated during the day, helps to relax and give unforgettable bliss. From the drink you can make a variety of masks for all skin types:

  • tonic mask with lemon juice and eggs;
  • calming mask with the addition of oatmeal;
  • nourishing mask with the addition of essential oils.

Relaxing bath

In a warm, not hot bath, pour 1 liter of fermented baked milk. The duration of the procedure should be approximately 10-15 minutes. After such a bath, the skin will tighten, become smooth and soft to the touch, the mood will improve and positive energy will be added. To achieve a sustainable effect, it is advisable to take such baths at least once a week for one month.

Hair Mask

To hair was stronger and stronger, you can use such a recipe. To do this, take castor oil and ryazhenka in equal proportions. Mix the products until smooth. Then with this mixture it is good to smear the hair, rubbing it into the roots of the head. After wrapping the hair with polyethylene and wrap it with a heated towel. After two hours, rinse with warm water.

Home Facial Scrub

An excellent exfoliator can be made from this wonderful product. To do this, add 1 tablespoon of ordinary salt to a glass of fermented baked milk. Apply to the face in massage lines in a circular motion.

Slimming fermented baked milk

No matter how fat the fermented baked milk, its benefits in losing weight is obvious. Nutritionists and fitness instructors recommend introducing this drink into their diet for people trying to lose weight, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly, the possibility of using this product at night when, as luck would have it, appetite wakes up is considered a big plus. Daily use of ryazhenka will help the body to be in good shape. They often suggest using this product instead of mayonnaise, as a dressing for salads, or the basis for the production of various sauces.

In addition, now there are a lot of low-calorie foods in stores, with a fat content of 2.5% or 1%. However, it is worth remembering that in such a fermented baked milk the content of useful substances is significantly reduced.

Ryazhenka or kefir - that is the question

It is rather difficult to answer the question unequivocally what is more useful than fermented baked milk or kefir. Each product is good to one degree or another. For example, kefir is less caloric, but ryazhenka is absorbed by the body several times faster. Both this and the other drink contain fermented milk bacteria, which are necessary for the health of the digestive system, have a beneficial effect on the microflora of the stomach and intestines. Due to the fact that fermented baked milk undergoes a heat treatment process, almost all the harmful bacteria contained in milk before that die. But in fact, both products are good. Just someone more like fermented baked milk, and someone kefir. Here, as they say, the taste and color ...

Cooking ryazhenka at home

Ryazhenka is quite easy to prepare and it will not be difficult to ferment it at home.

For this you need:

  • milk - 2 liters;
  • sour cream - 3-4 tablespoons.

Bring the milk to a boil. After that, send it to the oven and leave there to languish for two hours. Cool the baked milk to about 30-40 degrees and add sour cream to it. You can fill it all in a thermos or put in a warm place for 6-8 hours.

This is a classic recipe for boiled fermented baked milk. But now there are a large number of ready-made starter cultures of a wide variety of products, including fermented baked milk. Moreover, for the manufacture of the latter, you can use the starter culture for ordinary yogurt or, as recommended, the streptosan starter.

Ryazhenka in a slow cooker

To prepare such a product you will need:

  • baked milk - 1 liter;
  • ready-made sourdough - 1 bottle.

Baked milk may not be brought to a boil, but many are still reinsured. So, bring the milk to a boil, cool to 30-40 degrees, add the yeast and mix thoroughly. After pouring the product in special molds or in the bowl of the multicooker and turn on the “Yogurt” program for 6 hours. Instead of a slow cooker, you can also use a yogurt maker. The fermented baked milk prepared according to this recipe is extremely tasty and healthy.

How to choose

When choosing a product in the store, you should pay attention to:

  • shelf life;
  • packaging;
  • composition;
  • Colour;
  • consistency;
  • smell.

Ryazhenka should not contain any food additives, dyes or flavorings. The shelf life of a natural product should not exceed five days. If the packaging indicates a longer period, then the product includes preservatives. It is better to choose a drink in a glass container. Firstly, it is environmentally friendly, and secondly, through it you can see the product and judge its quality. By consistency, ryazhenka should be homogeneous, without bubbles and lumps. Color - cream and caramel. The smell, of course, cannot be identified in the store, but when opening the package, you can judge the quality of the product by aroma. It should not be harsh and unpleasant, and should not contain various impurities.

Harm and contraindications

Fermented baked milk is mostly a useful product, however, there are several contraindications for use. First of all, you should not drink this fermented milk drink for people suffering from gastritis and peptic ulcer. It is also contraindicated for those who are allergic to milk protein. Moreover, with prolonged languishing of milk, some harmful products are formed, such as glycoproteins. They are scary because they can damage blood vessels, nerve cells, can destroy the kidneys, and damage the organs of vision. But they are so small in fermented baked milk that there should not be a cause for concern.

It is advisable to consume this drink with vegetables and cereal bread, as it absolutely does not combine with protein foods.


Ryazhenka is an absolutely harmless, natural sour-milk product that is very popular all over the world. Due to its beneficial properties, it is valued both in the field of medicine and in the field of cosmetology. Nutritionists also like to introduce it into the diet; it is also useful for young children. Ryazhenka is just a find for pregnant women, it helps to saturate the body of an unborn baby with the necessary norm of calcium. It is able to quench thirst on hot days and evenings, remove harmful substances from the body, and improve skin and hair condition. Anyway, fermented baked milk is just a very tasty product that both adults and children like so much.

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