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The days of vending machines with sweet lemonade are long gone, but nostalgia remains. Moreover, the true reason for nostalgia is not completely clear: either the ritual of getting a drink through a series of simple manipulations, or taste. The most delicious lemonade for the post-Soviet man is tarragon and duchess. But time mercilessly erases them from the picture of the food priorities of the population. Why did this happen and what can modern manufacturers offer in return?

The main problem of lemonade

The main problem of all soft drinks that are served both in Michelin-starred restaurants and sold in stalls at the entrance is the composition. It surely comes across either sugar, or flavorings, or flavor enhancers. Children and adults who are accustomed to absorbing sweet drinks in liters will certainly feel or have already felt their destructive power. Metabolism becomes slower, taste buds refuse to perceive any food products without a huge share of sugar, the skin is covered with rashes and is trying with all its might to show how it suffers. We stubbornly do not notice the problem, forget about the glycemic index, near diabetes and, of course, obesity, pouring another glass of foaming liquid. So harmful, but so beloved.

How to solve the main problem of lemonade

The problem has 2 possible solutions. The first one says that manufacturers should take the side of consumers, exclude all kinds of harmful effects from the composition, think about people, not about earnings, and sell us an organic product. It sounds utopian, so let's move on to a more realistic option. The only way to protect yourself from chemical fragrances, emerald dyes and gases is to take everything into your own hands and make lemonade yourself. Let it sound unconvincing, but in practice it comes out great. To create your own lemonade, you do not need to finish a cooking college or Kenwood courses, it is enough to be able to cut fruits and tightly screw the lid on containers.

How to drink lemonade

As Paracelsus argued, "Everything is poison, everything is medicine; the dose determines both." The Swiss alchemist was definitely right, and his statement fits absolutely everything, even lemonade. The drinking regime is a kind of ghostly phenomenon that hangs over us and very rarely makes itself felt. People rarely feel thirsty, but this does not mean that we do not need fluids. Maintenance of the drinking regime is the key to the functionality and beauty of the whole organism.

A healthy person should drink at least 30 milliliters of liquid per 1 kilogram of weight. During a hot period of time, this dosage increases and 300 to 600 milliliters of liquid is added to the daily rate.

Monotony is boring, so lapping with liters of ordinary filtered water does not bring any pleasure. It is much easier to force yourself to drink multi-colored liquid with a sourness / bitterness / spices / sweet note from a beautiful glass. It is such a healing drink that homemade lemonade can become.

Your home-made drink should be fundamentally different from the store. It is necessary to create an interchangeable complex:

  • chemical fragrances for the natural smell of fruits / spices;
  • flavors and stabilizers for fresh slices of seasonal foods;
  • food colors to the riot of colors of whole plant components.

The benefits of the drink

American doctor Frank Lipman claims that tonic lemonade is able to remove toxins / toxins, restore acid-base balance and energize the body for the whole day. If you choose the right ingredients (for example, ginger and turmeric), then you can at the same time disinfect the internal cavity.


A flavored drink made from herbal ingredients is the easiest way to detox. Choose more citrus fruits, throw them in lemonade and enjoy the effect. Citruses can cleanse the organs of the abdominal cavity from "unnecessary" components, improve the functionality of the body, remove inflammation and solve the very problem of the inflammatory process. Moreover, citrus water stimulates the digestive tract, increases salivation and improves appetite. You can drink lemonade (exclusively from natural ingredients) throughout the day.


We still have not learned to distinguish between hunger and thirst. Our body sends the same signals to the brain during the first and second processes, so it is so difficult for us to determine the spectrum of desires. Hunger is too often masked for lack of fluid in the body. The result - a person overeats, but hunger does not stop, because the body did not ask for a cake, but citrus water.

In addition, lemonade stimulates digestion and accelerates metabolic processes, which also contributes to weight loss.


Scientists conducted an experiment in which they determined the effects of fluids on athletic performance. The experiment was attended by 15 professional runners. The group that drank more tonic fluid showed higher and more productive results compared to those who refused an additional glass of lemonade.


Do not rush to get into the medicine cabinet for a handful of tablets as soon as you feel a slight pain in your head. Just drink a glass of warm or chilled lemonade - after a few minutes the pain will subside and disappear for good. Headache can be associated with dehydration, abnormal functionality of the body or usual overwork. Homemade lemonade, which is much more useful than white tablets from a blister pack, will perfectly cope with all these problems.


Scientists from Australia have proven that the amount of fluid entering the body affects the performance of the kidneys. Timely replenished water balance guarantees protection against kidney pathologies and the smooth functioning of the system.

Beauty control

A glass of lemonade can bring as much efficiency as an expensive trip to a beauty salon. Even the best nourishing face cream will not be able to moisturize, nourish and give a natural glow to our skin better than enriched water. The skin is the largest human organ, which reflects absolutely all the processes inside. A refreshing drink will help:

  • moisturize the skin;
  • get rid and prevent the appearance of the notorious orange peel;
  • prevent premature aging;
  • smooth out existing age-related changes;
  • to get into the deepest layers of the skin and deliver to them the maximum amount of useful components (which is impossible for the cream, since it works only in the upper layer);
  • activate the lymphatic system;
  • disperse stagnant intercellular fluid.

Lemonade Recipes


We will need:

  • filtered water - 200 ml;
  • Jerusalem artichoke syrup (can be replaced with honey) - 50 ml;
  • tarragon leaves - 100 g;
  • mineral water with gas (the amount depends on the selected container).


Add Jerusalem artichoke syrup to filtered water, put on fire and boil for 5 minutes. Grind the leaves of tarragon in a blender, and send the resulting green mixture to the hot diluted Jerusalem artichoke syrup. Remove fluid from the fire, let cool at room temperature, strain the syrup and transfer to any suitable container. Add a few tablespoons of Jerusalem artichoke syrup with crushed tarragon to the mineral water, add a slice of lemon, 2 ice cubes, a sprig of mint, close your eyes and imagine that you are 10 years old again.

Green kombucha

Culinary fact: this is a drink that is prepared on the basis of Kombucha. In the process of secondary fermentation, you can add absolutely any ingredients to it: fruits, berries and favorite spices. Such exotic lemonade has become a real new generation superfood. Kombucha has a detox effect on the body, activates metabolic processes, improves appetite and fills the body with vital phytonutrients.

We will need:

  • spirulina powder - 1 tablespoon;
  • cooked infusion of tea mushroom (can be bought at a supermarket chain) - 1 l;
  • berries, fruits, spices to taste.


Mix the ingredients and let the drink brew for 1-2 days at room temperature.

Rosemary Apple Lemonade

We will need:

  • green apples - 5 pcs;
  • agave syrup (can be replaced with honey or Jerusalem artichoke syrup) - 5 tablespoons;
  • rosemary - 4 branches;
  • lemon juice - 2 tablespoons;
  • mineral water with gas - 1 l;
  • ice to taste.


Peel the apples from the peel and the inner core, put in a blender and beat into a liquid porridge. Pour in the syrup and lemon juice in a puree, whisk lightly and send to the necessary container. Pour water into a container with agave-apple puree, throw rosemary, ice. Stir the contents of the bottle and drink throughout the day.

Side Effects of Drinking Liquids

There is no need to worry about malfunctions in the body due to excessive consumption of lemonade. A person simply cannot infuse that amount of water that he does not want. Each has an individual level of water balance, which we maintain at an intuitive level. There is a risk of overdoing rather than sorting out with water and drinks.

Dehydration is the real problem. Modern man is in a constant rush. We can forget to take our children from the kindergarten, so there is no reason to be surprised at irregular water consumption.

What is fraught with dehydration? Water is involved in all chemical reactions in the human body. If there is not enough water, the cells begin to separate moisture from personal stores. We begin to age faster, move less, look worse and digest food longer.

Preparation and storage of the drink

The right water for cooking

The main component of lemonade is water. The body uses it not only to maintain water balance, but also as a storehouse of trace elements. There is a concept of physiological usefulness of drinking fluid. Physiologically complete water is considered to contain iodine, calcium, fluorine and magnesium. It is this kind of water that helps a person to cheer up and energize for a long time. Strict filtration in production often negates the content of important minerals, but exceptions can be found.

Additional factors:

  • acidity should be equal to 7 (more acidic or alkaline water is used only for medicinal purposes);
  • the minimum hardness threshold is 1.5 mg - equiv / l;
  • the maximum permissible concentration of chlorides / sulfates is 250 g / l, magnesium - 65 g / l, potassium - 20 ml / l, sodium - 200 ml / l.
  • the liquid must be clear and clean.

Proper storage container

There is no special space for the choice of capacity in modern man. The container can be glass or plastic. The ideal option is glass containers. It is chemically inert, does not emit harmful chemicals when heated, and does not react with the contents.

With plastic, things are a little more complicated. Most often, PET is used in the food industry. It is designed for small containers, made of polyethylene terephthalate. On PET put a special mark - a triangle with the number 1 inside. This material is considered the safest in terms of processing and recycling.

For containers, more PVC is used. This is frankly bad material, during the production and disposal of which a mass of pathogenic substances is formed. There is no need to store your proper homemade lemonade in it, otherwise the benefit will be doubtful.

How to motivate yourself to drink more fluids

At some point, even your favorite lemonade can become boring. And cravings to lie down easily block the efforts to maintain the water balance in the norm. To add to your motivation, you can pay attention to 3 important aspects: saving, permanent recalling, constant presence.


Cooked homemade lemonade costs a penny compared with the offers of restaurants or chain hypermarkets. Moreover, you are confident in the quality of fluid consumed, which also gives additional motivation.

Permanent Reminders

Install a mobile application that will calculate your individual rate of fluid intake and will constantly remind you to "fill the tank." Some applications are so inexorable that they will turn your life into a hell of vibrations and reminders until you begin to consume the daily allowance.

Constant presence

Buy beautiful containers of different sizes and constantly fill them with lemonades. Take with you, drink in institutions, put a liter bottle next to the bed. If water is always at hand, it will certainly be used.

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